Andrew Murphy Western Australia
I have been collecting stamps since I was a young fella, with my Grand-parents , family (my loving wife Lee) and friends supporting me by saving stamps, taking me to stamp clubs and giving me some starter stamps.

My interest has always been New Zealand and for many years, I never had the money or the contacts to collect a specialist New Zealand Collection. I collected a simplified New Zealand Collection in Mint and Used. 

As I ran out of easy to get New Zealand stamps for my simplified collection I started trying to complete a simplified Chalon Collection. This got me hooked on the Wonderful Chalon Stamps of New Zealand and all there varieties, what a challenge to set "Complete a specialist collection of the New Zealand Chalons".  Now with over "490  Chalon items,"  225 individual variations of the Chalon Stamp and 125 certified Chalons I am well on the way to achieving my goal.

Well that is where I am at, have set the challenge, and hopefully one day when Lotto is won I may complete the great challenge.

Whats New........March 2020
Updated the Postmarks page alot added
Updated the Forgeries page with new material

Whats New........February 2020

Postmarks / Cancels

"Temuka Star" , Waimea "W"
"023" Dunstan, "032" Kawarau
2d Blue  Sg.37a CP A2d(8)
4d Orange-yellow Sg.121, A4b(7)

Whats New........January 2020

1d Red - Forgery
1/- Green - Forgery

Well I finally have all but a few of my chalons

in the Website (about 490 examples)
​The later stuff is now more complete

"This is my Personal Collection, not all stamps are perfect examples. ​​

As in alot of cases I may never find that stamp at a price I can Afford"


All the information contained on this website is the authors thoughts or findings, and are as accurate as far as I know. I am certainly not an expert and use the services of "Bob Odenweller" as the major expert and certifier of my Chalon Collection. This website should only be used as a basic reference. Any errors or omissions can be corrected if people can contact me with corrected information.
The "NZ Chalons"
Fakes, Forgeries and Repaired Stamps
New Zealand Collection
I am always happy to recieve material or advice to further develop my collection and complete this life time goal.
If you have stamps or other relevant Philatelic material I would greatfully accept it or negotiate a suitable purchase if I have funds available. Please use the button below to move to the contact page. Thank you.

Whats New........May-June 2019

To much to right Alot more description around postmarks and general tidy-up, added to the Davies Printings

Whats New........April 2019

SG. 3-  CP. A6a   - 1/- London Print
1d Red - Forgery
1d Red - Forgery
1/- Green - Forgery

Whats New........February 2019

SG. 15 -  CP. A5a ( 12 )  - 6d Chestnut
SG43, CP A5b (4) -Perkins Bacon "3"

Whats New........January 2019

SG.6 - CP. A6b - 1/- Green on Blue
SG55 - A5b(Y) 6d Red -brown Roulette 7

Whats New........December 2018

2d Blue - Forgery
1/- Green - Forgery

Whats New........November 2018

SG31a - A1d (T) 1d Dull Orange Perf 13​

SG79 - A6e(4) 1/- Yellow -green

SG80 - A6e(5) 1/- Dull to Deep yellow-green

SG131b - A5j(X)  6d Blue Accidental Imperf

1/- Green  - Specimen  (Type C) Blue​

Whats New........May 2018

SG17 - A6c (2) 1/- Blue-green​

Whats New........April 2018

SG.36 - 2d Deep Blue A2d (2)
SG.36 - 2d A2d (3) R.8, No.6 Plate 1
SG.37 - 2d A2d (5) Ultramarine
SG.38 - 2d A2d (13) Deep Blue
SG.46 - 1/- A6d (5) Bronze Green
SG.115a- 2d- Blue A2n(V) R.17, No.9 
SG.120 - 4d A4b (2) Yellow
SG.120 - 4d A4b (3)  Deep Yellow
SG.133a - 2d Orange A2s (W)  R.17, No.9
Hausberg Reprint Pairs -1d thru 1/-  

Whats New ............ March 2018

​Jeffery Fake - 1d Red Used​
Accidental Imperf - 1/- Green A6m(X)

Whats New........December 2017

Fake, Repaired - 2d Blue on Blue Paper
Certificates - 1d and 2d Roulettes
Certificates - Hausberg Blocks
Certificate - HPS facsimile
Certificate - 1864 and 1884 reprints

Whats New ............ October 2017

​Fake Reprint - 2d Blue Block of 4

Whats New.........September 2017

Trial Seperations - 1d  Orange SG48
Trial Seperations - 2d Blue SG49 
​Jolliffe Reprint - 2d Block of 4

Whats New.........August 2017

Chalon Reprints - 1d Orange
Chalon Reprints - 2d Blue plate 1 & 2
Hausberg Reprints - 1d & 3d Block of 8
Hausberg Reprints - 4d & 6d Block of 8
Hausberg Reprints - 1/- Block of 8
H.P.S. Souvenirs - Proof Block
​2d Blue Ornate "S" Southland Postmark

Whats New.........July 2017

Fakes and Forgeries - 1d Jeffreys Forgery
Fakes and Forgeries - 1d Red Perforated 
Fakes and Forgeries - 2d Blue Perforated