New Zealand - "Chalons" SOLD

Richardson on White Paper
SG. 11  -  CP. A2c ( 4 )  -  Scott. 8f

The SG11, CP A2c (4). This 2d Deep blue printed by Richardson between 1857 - 1861 on thick unwatermarked paper with horizontal mesh.

​A 3 margin example with a cancel that strikes across the face.

 "SOLD $235.00 au"

New Zealand - "Chalons" SOLD

Davies Printing - "NZ" Watermarked Paper
SG. 102  -  CP. A2j ( Z )  -  Scott. 28a

The 2d Blue stamp, SG.102 CP. A2j (Z), Scott 28a with trial separation roulette 7 in Dunedin  printed by Davies on "NZ" watermarked paper.

This stamp shows roulettes on top margin.   "SOLD $375.00 au"