Tasmania 1853 - 1856

The Tasmanian colonial stamps  were first issued in 1853 and the first stamps  came out bearing the name "Van Diemens Land"  thet were first printed locally from hand engraved plates  until supplies of the  Perkins Bacon printed stamps from London arrived.

The colonies name was changed to Tasmania in 1856 but it was 1870 before the new name started appearing on the postage stamps. Tasmania had a major break from tradition in thr printing of the 1899 - 1900 pictorial issue where they printed a six value series featuring scenis views of Tasmania, similar timing to the New Zealand 1898 - 1900 Pictorial issue.
The Chalon Heads like the New Zealand Chalons come in a large number of varieties, with different papers and watermarks. Combined with the imperforates and trial seperations through to the perforated examples.