New Zealand - "Chalon" - London Print

​​The 1d is a rich carmine shade, with the 2d blue having a very distinctive greenish tinge while the 1/- was a yellow green. The 2d and 1/- usually have a slightly blued paper appearance due to an interaction between the ink and the paper.

The SG.1 wil be added when I have it within my personal collection, this may be never but heres hoping that I win Lotto one day. So at present the collection starts with my SG.2  printed in London.

London Print
SG. 2   -    CP.  A2a  -  Scott. 2  

Odenweller Cert.
SG 2 London Print  NZ Chalon
The SG.2, 2d Blue (1855) has a very distintive colour not evident in any of the other printings. These stamps printed in London known as the "London Prints" were shipped to New Zealand with the plates and paper for future printings.​​
Printed on the large star watermarked paper with the back usually showing signs of a bluish green tinge.
This stamp has a Perkins Bacon Obliterator  postmark "9" of  New Plymouth, I believe the "6"  was never issued.